Healthy Chicken Salad

chick salad chicsalad 2

I love this meal!! It is so easy and will feed your family for more than one day for sure! I often times use the ingredients to stuff a wrap the following day. Hope your loved ones enjoy it as much as mine do.

One whole chicken
Fresh corn on the cob (simply boil in water)
Fresh kale and mix green combo
1/4 cup of fresh parmesan cheese
1 tbs lemon juice (dressing)
1 tbs apple cider vinegar (dressing)
sea salt (dressing)
onion powder (dressing)
1tbs agave (dressing)
Fresh berries

Glaze chicken with agave nectar, sea salt and onion powder.
Bake chicken @ 375 until brown. (time depends on size)
Mix dressing ingredients together and whip vigorously
Add dressing to greens stir and top with parmesan.
Serve salad mix topped with chicken, corn and berries.

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