Gumbo Plate

Whole Food Gumbo Plate


This is a personal favorite for my family and I in the summer and so easy. This is a whole food recipe so it is great for families who want to personalize their plates due to allergies or sensitivities. I hope you enjoy this meal which has become a summer staple in our home.


Boiled fresh corn
Black rice (seasoned with sea salt and onion powder)
Precooked frozen shrimp
Green pepper
Minced garlic
Organic garbanzo beans
salsa (no sugar added)

Saute peppers, onion and garlic in a pan with healthy oil until cooked. Mix in thawed precooked shrimp and salsa. Boil black rice and season ( I will precook rice for the week if I am using it in multiple recipes). Serve with sides and top with cilantro. It is that easy!

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