Fruit and Nut Chocolate Cup

I generally try to avoid sweets because honestly…I love them a bit too much and have found once I start it can be hard to stop. Clean eating is the norm on most days in my home, but Sunday is our cheat day!! So here is a simple recipe for all you chocolate lovers that is healthier than most. All it involves is a few ingredients and a couple min. of prep.

What you need…

1) Dark bitter sweet chocolate discs.

2) Dried fruit of your choice. ( I used figs and apricots).

3) Nuts of your choice ( I prefer raw almonds).

4) Small paper candy or mini cupcake cups.

How you make them….

1) Put fruit and nuts in cup. Slowly heat chocolate discs on lowest setting or in a double broiler.


2) Pour melted chocolate over fruit and nuts. Top with a couple extras to make it pretty and help identify what is in each cup.


3) Place them on a cookie sheet in the fridge until cooled.


4) Once cooled they can be stored @ room temp. Enjoy your chocolatey treat!!


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