Coconut Oat Ginger Cookies!


WARNING… These may contain hidden veggies. Also, there is no sugar added!!! Too good to be true? These are totally kid approved and were devoured by my three kiddos in a. single day. So they have passed the test.

I was inspired to make these after my five year old told me about the breakfast he chose at school. He had a chocolate chip waffle, a chocolate milk and a juice box all before 11:00 am. Totaling over 50 grams of sugar. ? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that breakfast and snacks are available for the kids. I know there are many that may not have breakfast at home so I know it is really important! I love my kids school and their teachers! Ultimately it is Sam who will need to learn how to make healthy choices, but I am hoping if he has other options packed he will skip the extra treats at school. He is only five…so fingers crossed! Lol


1 cup of prebaked butternut squash
1 cup of coconut flour
3/4 cup of oats
4 eggs
3/4 cup of molasses
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons avocado oil
Tablespoon of ginger
Teaspoon of nutmeg
Tablespoon of cinnamon
Dash of sea salt

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