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     I’m Christine, full time working momma to my now 20 month old daughter! After I had Nora I lost a ton of weight breastfeeding and then immediately put it back on when I weaned her! I tried everything that worked for me in the past to lose weight, including Weight Watchers and nothing would make the scale budge. I had it when I saw a couple pictures of myself in a bikini at the beach with my then one year old. I was trying to be a good example for my daughter of not only eating healthy, but being physically fit, challenging yourself, and not being afraid to try new things! I had a couple friends who had tried the 21 Day Fix. i was out of other alternatives and I figured how bad could 21 days really be? It was shock therapy! I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was! But I focused hard on clean eating and getting my diet under control and I pushed through as much of the workouts as I could. By the time that first three weeks was over I had lost 7.5lbs and 9 inches! I was hooked! I went on to do PiYo, P90x3 and now the Masters Hammer & Chisel Program! I’ve lost 15lbs and over 19 inches in just 7 months! I am now training for my first half marathon and multiple obstacle course races this year, including my first Spartan! I feel like an a rock star mommy and the healthiest I have ever been!