Snacks On The Go

Let’s be real!! Sometimes eating healthy is so hard when we are on the go! With three kids life can be busy!!! My Achilles heel is that moment of weakness where I am starving and unprepared as I run around to meet my obligations. These are some great snack ideas that I pack when I am on the road or running around.  Oh yeah….and they are kid approved, which really helps.

1) FRESH FRUIT- If you have a sweet tooth or need a treat reach for fruit! It is packed with fiber so it is a great option and helps your body balance the sugar.

2) NUTS AND SEEDS- Healthy fats are such a good option to help you feel satisfied! Also healthy fats  signal to your brain when you have had enough. Kind bars are amazing for a snack on the go with low sugar and healthy fats.

3) HARD BOILED EGGS, MEAT JERKEY ,CHEESE – Protein will keep you full, so it is a great option to hold you over when you will be out and about for a while.

4) SELTZER- Sometimes dehydration is masked as hungry. If you think you are hungry drink water first!! Especially carbonated water is so refreshing and filling. I LOVE Lacroix but there are so many good brands.

Being prepared is key!! So give it a try and resist the temptation to hi the drive through.


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